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This is definitely the place to get all your Genie Abrams news and entertainment. Here you'll find some of my published and unpublished poems, essays, stories, brilliant thoughts and random insane musings.

You're in luck! Much of it can be yours, dirt cheap; just go to my on-line store.

All this and a blog, too? YES!


Though i'm not sure i can stand calling it a "blog." I might call it, like, a "diary." "Blog" sounds like a sailor throwing up. (Don't ask me how i know.) Anyway, check it out here: My Journal. I update it almost daily.

  Louey Levy's Greatest Catch

My first novel. It's "To Kill a Mockingbird" meets "Dirty Dancing," and a love letter to my hometown. Best of all: In a sense, it's all true. Read or print out a chapter for free; the rest is for sale in the on-line store.

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Newburgh Historical Society

The Abortion Conversation


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